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In order to not become the short-order-cook in my family, I decided to reel my family in through story telling in the most involving style possible, the choose your own adventure genre. I am not a writer, but I do like to imagine the stories behind the food that I cook. This is an experiment, that I hope you will join in on with your family and friends. I’d love to hear from you if you find that the adventure stories here help you and your loved ones to have fun in the kitchen preparing delicious meals together.

This page is unlike your typical food recipe page. Here you are in control of your adventures with food. I recommend you use all of your senses to help you face the dangers lurking in the kitchen. Sharpen your knives and prepare your mind for if you make the wrong decision, you might be eating alone. Lucky for you, the choice is all yours and you can always go back to choose a different spice. Ultimately, through curiosity and courage you can change your life one meal at a time.

Your adventure begins with a simple getaway trip, that turns out landing you in a familiar, yet, foreign country. In order to get back you will need to master the mystery spices that highjacked your life. With an unforeseen luggage swap you inherit a tin filled with unlabeled spices. Soon you learn that these are not any ordinary spices and that it was no mistake that you now posses them.

Arriving to the airport, you are filled with a jolt of excitement. You take the last bite of your Sweet Potato Chancay roll, savoring the soft bread that leaves a hint of nutty sesame and bright anise lingering in your mouth. As you step off of the airporter, you adjust your mask and grip tightly to your proof of a negative COVID test. With no planned itinerary, a single carry-on, and book, you feel as though you are almost skipping your way into the airport. This is your solo week. A week to just rest and recover from political games played at work. Seven days where you do not need to pick up after anyone, not even yourself. You grin to yourself as you already can hear the ocean waves splashing up against each other and you can almost feel the sand tickling the bottoms of your feet.

Arriving to the ticketing kiosk, you set your bag down and commence the tedious process of checking in. Once you grab your boarding pass, your heart drops to the pit of your stomach. Your carry-on is missing. You quickly scan 360 degrees around you with no luck. Panic begins to set in and you feel yourself starting to perspire. Heart pounding so intensely that you feel like falling over. As you lean against a wall, your gaze suddenly focuses in on what looks like you luggage just sitting next to the garbage can in front of you. Then you hear your name called out. Your flight was boarding and you have been given a last call.

You rush, grabbing your bag and running to get through security and finally to your gate. Out of breath, you plop into your seat, buckle up and shut your eyes.

If you choose to continue on this journey, by the end of the story you will have a full set of recipes.

When there’s no time to venture, you can always find something to cook on the recipes page.

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