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I have been feeling robbed by COVID this past year. Time away from family, memories tainted with irreversible breathlessness and clouded uncertainty for the coming future.  Yet, each day I take a minute to be grateful for all my blessings.  The varying losses and challenges spiking my cortisol levels this past year brings real awareness to the need for self-reflection and self-care.  I have come to realize that even an introvert like me needs some social down time.  One fun way to do this is to host a zoom happy hour. This allows you to stay connected and share new drink recipes.

Have you held a zoom happy hour? There are many possibilities for hosting your next zoom happy hour. Some people keep it simple with a host inviting a small group of friends and everyone joins with their own drink and snacks taking advantage of the time to catch up. Others do a theme or organize games during this meeting time. For my zoom happy hour, I would collect drink recipe ideas from invitees. With these recipes, I would compile an ingredient list with instructions to send out to the group ahead of time, including recommended food pairings. This way individuals could gather ingredients and supplies ahead of time. I would recommend planning to make 2 to 3 of the drinks listed. Each person could walk through making their favorite drink, like a cooking class, but instead with their favorite drink recipe.

Salud and Cheers to all!

  • Garibaldi Kiss Cocktail
    It all started with a sad little orange tree trying to find it’s voice in this world. Never would it have imagined that it’s sweet citrus could cross the boarders of three cuisines to become a romantic statement of the times. I apologize that I tend to get a bit poetic about my recipes. This one speaks to me about possibilities and hidden greatness. Just like the plain oranges from my backyard tree, I too, sometimes forget how much I have to offer. I hope when you make this drink you reflect on all that is amazing about yourself, too! This is an Italian Garibaldi Cocktail kissed with Mexican Tequila and infused with Asian Chai spice. This recipe calls for a garnish of Dehydrated Oranges with Sweet Chai, but you can also use a more traditional fresh slice of orange, too. We all need a little sugar and spice to balance all of the bitterness from this past year. The bitterness of the Campari liqueur blends smoothly with the sweet citrus and flavorful spices. This cocktail is a refreshing combination that just makes you take a deep cleansing breath, leaving work behind and welcoming the evening conversation. Salud and Cheers!

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