• dehydrated sweet chia Orange
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    Dehydrated Oranges with Sweet Chai

    As terrible as COVID has been, I try to focus on the many blessings we have everyday. This year has been a fruitful one for us. Many of our fruit trees produced their first crop this year, just like these oranges used for this recipe. They came from a tiny, unimpressive tree, that sang out look at me and all that I can be. Fruitful blessings. Like a stain glass window these orange slices peer into my bitter sweet childhood memories of driving to the city to visit my great-aunt. I always felt sick to my stomach and she would prepare me a tea with dried orange peels in it. Later as an…

  • roasted frozen tomato soup
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    Roasted Frozen Tomato Soup

    For those following, you will find that I do not like food waste and so I try to make the most out of what I have.  At the end of summer, I start to tire of tomato everything, so I will do a few different things with them to preserve them.  I might pickle them, turn them in to a jam, a fermented salsa or a freezer ready marinara.  When I do not have time for any of that, I just freeze them whole (depending on the size).   When I was planning out this recipe, I wanted a tomato soup that could be filling on its own.  This is a challenge in my…

  • chickens in the yard

    Poultry Jubilation on the Farm

    The delight of sharing food that you have cooked, grown or raised is more gratifying than buying someone a gift. Unless you are buying them a hen! Egg layers are beautiful little fluff balls that gather at your feet when they see you. And roosters, well, they are like the men in my household, loud, proud, and like to showoff their flashy feathers (just kidding). Poultry, as most farm animals (probably all animals) get excited with real food. There is pleasure in feeding animals because they express excitable energy that feels like gratitude. If I were to write a book it would be, “The Joy of Feeding.” I think Julia Child was speaking…