Hi my name is Emely!

I am a nurse who went to cooking school and never stopped cooking. My philosophy on health is to cook adventurously. Do not be afraid to try new foods, spices, or techniques..

If I were a food, I would be a dark leafy green!

Not only would I be nutritious with boundless benefits, but I would also have a story or two to tell. Like the life stories, that a palm reader tells from examining the lines on a stranger’s hand, the lines intricately splayed on my leaves, will tell you stories leading your curiosity to explore more and more recipes.

For willing explores, you will experience how my love for stories and food combine, drawing you in as you become the main character. Your decisions, as you click through Spice Box Stories will determine the fate of your kitchen adventures.

Since there are days where the clock hand spins at racing speeds, you can always choose to skip straight to the recipes and find quick and easy meals. Being a mother of four and now a first time grandmother, I know that time is not always on our side and can be unfriendly when we just want to get dinner on the table. No worries, I will share with you my prepping tips and kitchen shortcuts to help silence the hangry crowds.

On a more personal note… Why LS/C

It comes down to time.  We all have an expiration date, when we will no longer have the zest that brightens our dish of life.  I lost a close friend, who was not a spicy food eater, but had enough sugar & spice, to flavor the hundreds of lives she came in contact with on a daily basis.  Her memory inspires me to live every day seasoned exotically, with steamy aromas that fill others with a desire for a better life.

For me this means sharing my cooking and writing goals, challenges, journeys, successes, and my inspirations. I want my adventures in my kitchen to be experienced by others who may be looking for a little escape from their routine dishes.  I am excited for this new food escapade and mostly intrigued to hear from others as they pop into my food world. 

Cheers to Happy Food Adventures!

More about me

Nurse vs. Cook
My story is one of many beginnings in search of my truth. I’ve been a full-time Public Health Nurse for 12 years and have always dabbled in anything food related. A nurse by day and food expeditioner by night. I have always been the one trying new recipes, cooking techniques, healthy food fades, busy family food tips, along with growing my collection of cook books and kitchen tools. I remember doing Pampered Chef for a minute, but the sales thing really was not my thing. What I did enjoy was playing with the kitchen gadgets, talking about recipes and I really loved just getting together with friends to cook.

I took a Beginners Farmers and Ranchers class through a collaborative effort by Santa Rosa Junior College and the University of California Cooperative Extension. The focus of the class was to grow a small agricultural food business. This felt closer to home, since I was already growing my vegetables and processing my own meats. I was really proud of our grass-fed Black Angus Beef. My market was going to be “The MOOving Market,” a mobile farmer’s market. County regulations put a damper on that dream.

Back to School
At this time, I was working in a home visiting program with new moms and kept seeing over and over that many of these young mom’s did not know how to cook. I would leave our visits just pondering, if they cannot cook for themselves, how are they going to feed their children? Since, I was working in Public Health and knew the statistics for dietary afflicted chronic diseases in our community, this really concerned me. This made me choose to study nutrition, so that I could teach my clients, not only simple cooking skills, but also about healthy eating. I took some nutrition cooking classes at the Maryland University of Integrative Health. Here I learned about our relationship with food and how powerful it is to understand ingredients to be able to cook intentionally. I quickly realized that more than anything, I undeniably just love to cook.

Cook and Food Blogger… and always a dreamer:)
After a few years of touring local cooking schools and dreaming of attending, I finally signed up for the part-time program at the San Francisco Cooking School. Although stressful, driving an hour to the city after work 3 days a week for an entire year, the experience will forever remain in a special place in my heart.

And now, I get to share with everyone the magic I see in food!

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