• Jalapeño Pork Taco blue dish
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    Jalapeño Crock Pot Pork

    This is the type of dish that anyone can make and it extends itself to many different dishes, which makes it ideal for meal prep. You can use it in a sandwich, taco, a rice bowl or enjoy it with some of your favorite sides. The busyness of this COVID year has had me working more overtime than I could have ever imagined. Even for someone like me who loves to get lost in the magic of cooking, pulling out my old Crock Pot, was like asking an old friend to cover for me as I played hooky. If you are like me, you hate missing a day in the kitchen, where you…

  • chicken stock in mason jars
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    Sunday Stock-Chicken

    Chicken stock is one of those pantry (or refrigerator) items I like to have on hand at all times. I use it in my rice dishes, soups, stews, and to make sauce. It adds rich flavor to many dishes. When you feel like you have nothing to eat, just add a few ingredients and you’ll have a nice broth soup. My goal each week is to make one batch of chicken or beef stock with a batch of vegetable or Kombu broth. And one weekend replace the one of the stocks for a fish stock. Always prep your ingredients first before you start. Here you see the foamy scum that you need to…

  • roasted frozen tomato soup
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    Roasted Frozen Tomato Soup

    For those following, you will find that I do not like food waste and so I try to make the most out of what I have.  At the end of summer, I start to tire of tomato everything, so I will do a few different things with them to preserve them.  I might pickle them, turn them in to a jam, a fermented salsa or a freezer ready marinara.  When I do not have time for any of that, I just freeze them whole (depending on the size).   When I was planning out this recipe, I wanted a tomato soup that could be filling on its own.  This is a challenge in my…

  • chickens in the yard

    Poultry Jubilation on the Farm

    The delight of sharing food that you have cooked, grown or raised is more gratifying than buying someone a gift. Unless you are buying them a hen! Egg layers are beautiful little fluff balls that gather at your feet when they see you. And roosters, well, they are like the men in my household, loud, proud, and like to showoff their flashy feathers (just kidding). Poultry, as most farm animals (probably all animals) get excited with real food. There is pleasure in feeding animals because they express excitable energy that feels like gratitude. If I were to write a book it would be, “The Joy of Feeding.” I think Julia Child was speaking…

  • fresh baked sweet potato chancay

    Sweet Potato Chancay

    My curiosity runs my kitchen. I’m not sure how I decided I was going to create these sweet potato rolls. Growing up I did not care for sweet potatoes. The only time I would eat them is if they were in my bowl of ceviche. My family does not seem to care for sweet potatoes to be on the menu unless they are fried, such as in, sweet potato fries, or a hidden ingredient found in Peruvian Beignets, called Picarones. I guess really for me, the sweet potato lures me into memories of my past. I had made Picarones before, so I thought why not incorporate these flavors into a bread roll. After…

  • Cocoa Oatmeal with fruit
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    Cocoa Oatmeal Porridge

    It’s funny how comforting certain foods can be and how they trigger memories in everyone of us. For me oatmeal was one way for my mother to show her love. Sometimes she would regular oatmeal porridge, supper milky and extra sweet and other times she would change it up with some cocoa. My mother never really said, “I love you,” or hugged me for no reason, but I do remember and cherish, moments like when I was postpartum with my first born and she made me a batch of this oatmeal that kept me going those first few days at home. It is an act of love to go out of your way…

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    Poached Pear Budin

    I imagine my recipe testing may follow a completely different process in a few months. For my early followers joining me in my raw journey, you will be witness to my past, present and who I’m yet to become. Okay that was a little deep…. but really let’s take this recipe as an example, Budin has always been part of my family’s traditional desserts, like holiday cookies might have been a part of yours. It’s one of those foods that really seems to mirror my cooking style, which really is to make the most with what I have on hand. I do not like food waste and since I love to cook, this…

  • taste testing
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    Discovering my Taste for Life

    As a woman in my thirties I’ve been developing healthy boundaries and some grit. Last night, we had the most amazing workshop on TASTE presented by author, Barb Stuckey.  As she guided us through our five tastes and five senses, which influence our experience with food and flavors, I realized how mirroring this process is to that of my developing persona. One of the most thrilling discoveries was to learn how some foods have no taste (salty, bitter, sweet, sour or umami), but our sense of smell masks this fact and presents these foods as “flavorful.”  With this test, using a jelly bean, we blocked our sense of smell and placed the bean…

  • grayscale photography of man praying on sidewalk with food in front
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    Teach One and Feed Many

    The ache in my belly as I arrive to work at 6 am is not from hunger.  It is the unsettling emotions that flood my soul every time I walk inside the warm building while passing the young woman wrapped up in her sleeping bag, laid across the freezing cement sidewalk, snuggled up against the cold glass doors.  She lays in the same spot where only a year and a half ago another homeless man was stabbed to death.  A man just as kind and innocent as her.  The reality of homelessness surrounds us, as encampments form only to get removed, and shelters are overflowing with new members of this displaced population. What…